I was involved with the Butterley Garden Railway when it was started, as it's less than 10 minutes away by road and it was the line that enabled me to run when my own line was not in a fit state.
I still visit occasionally and took advantage of a spare afternoon to "go and play" (sorry, should read "operate a train or two").
First out of the box was my newly-lined-out Roundhouse "Jack", seen here on a mixed train, marshalled correctly as the vacuum fitted coach is next to the engine. The fact that the loco isn't yet fitted with vacuum brakes seems to have escaped the Operating Department............

As always, running at Butterley attracts a fair numbers of visitors and I can never resist the opportunitiy to preach the Gospel!

Later on, Lady Sybil came out to play. Notice the train's been re-marshalled: what's the point in having a working tail lamp on the coach if you're not going to be able to use it?

Santa's Train on the upper level's 32mm gauge track, also Millie hauled - we had a Milliefest today with no less than three running at once.

Finally, I did things properly and allowed Gytha to haul the coach, instead of merely acting as a Thunderbird loco.....

Merry Christmas from Butterley!

Page Created on 12th December, 2004

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