It is the custom to hold the Stoneleigh Planning Meeting at one of the Directors' homes - a fish and chip lunch is indulged in and after the serious business is out of the way, we all get to play trains (even those of us of the Broad Persuasion).

We need a big table for this one!


(L to R) Paul Mellor (Member-to-Member Sales), Andrew Charman (SMT Editior), Derek Wiggins (Heritage Rep) and Tez Pickthall (Publicity and Local Group Liasion).


Debating a serious point: (L to R) John Orson (Show Organiser), Nigel Town (Chairman), Phil Thompson (Treasurer), Tim Gregson (Webmaster) and in the foreground Andy Cooper (Show Traders Organiser).


(This side, L to R) Neil Bowden (retiring Secretary), Keith Dyer (Technical & Insurance Director), Ian Shields (Bulletin Editor) and (hidden) Alan Regan (Membership Secretary).


Tim and Alan in the sunlight!


A study of a laid-back Derek


Toasting the 2995th member (we'd been hoping for 3000!)


Tez gassing his "Lady Anne" up.........


Nigel and Ian pondering over an Accucraft "Countess"........


Ian drooling over the "Countess"!


Tim (being of The Broad Persuasion) had re-gauged his "Katy" for the day..................


............. and was loaned a rake of stock by the MDLR...................


............... with which it looked most at home!


Nigel's first love (before he got seduced by coal-fired Garratts) was the Lynton & Barnstaple - witness this delightful replica of Woody Bay.


Paul Mellor brought this model of an Irish 3' gauge Diesel.....


............ and was happy to chat with Phil and Andrew.


Andrew thoroughly enjoying his first garden meeting.


This battery electric Bagnall from our host performed until its battery refused to batt any more!


Brian rails the MDLR's freight rake whilst Alan has a nosey at next door!


Tez's train out on the line.

This view shouts "NARROW GAUGE"!! It's even better on the video (see below)


Alan Regan is also of The Broad Persuasion and borrowed a rake of stock from Nigel to put behind his VoR 2-6-2


"We're watching you!" Who let Daniel Town loose with a video camers (and when do we get to see the results?)


A study in concentration as Andrew prepares his Caradoc.


And Finally................. The Video!

My thanks to all the photographers who have contributed to this record.

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