Nigel Town's 1st July Open Day

Thankfully, the weather for Nigel's 1st July Open Day was rather better than it was for the previous one. Nigel has kindly provided these images.

Early morning gauging and test running was carried out by Nigel's own NGG14, seen here cooling down...........

Mike Bacon was satisfied with the new bridge width - Dave Gordon captures the moment on video.

Dave and Alex Gordons fine South African freight train.

England or Mamod? manual control Ian Cross.

Ian Cross and Taliesin both pause for water at Bratton Flemming.

John and Nev both came with Bulldogs.....

Mike Thacker's Joan entering under Bratton Road bridge.

Nev's new Lilla emerging from Bratton road bridge - a work in progress.
(Webmaster's note: was that the loco or the bridge?)

Rod, Nev and John on the finer points of garden railways.

Sgt Murphy, Andrew Mitchell's local celebrity loco built by Nigel and lined by Matt.

A certain well-travelled Silver Lady put in an appearance................

We also have a video! click HERE (also includes footage taken at Ian Sheilds line the following day)

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